RNGs and Online Poker in the UK

Carl Bevin

By Carl Bevin

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Online Poker RNGs

Discover Why RNGs are Important to UK Online Poker & Casino Players

If you play online poker, or any other game at an online casino for real cash then RNGs or random number generators are very important for your enjoyment of the game. These programs help keep the games fair, and they are what’s behind every single top-rated casino on the Internet today. They’re surprisingly simple programs, but are highly reliable and can be counted on to keep casinos honest and the results truly random.

What are Online Poker RNGs?

Random number generators are specialised programmes that create an unpredictable sequence of numbers. The online casino software relies on this program to make sure that outcomes are completely random so that players can enjoy the games fairly, without the casino having to actually rely on physical tools like dice, shuffling cards and other items used at traditional casinos.

How Do RNGs for Online Poker Work?

Since a computer can’t actually produce a completely random set of numbers these programs rely on creating such a massive set of numbers that they are completely unpredictable. This huge sequence of numbers is shuffled through to create a program that’s random for all intents and purposes. Sure there is actually a pattern behind the numbers, but since the pattern is nearly impossible to predict the games remain random and everyone to relax knowing that they aren’t being cheated by a casino. The system is checked regularly and casinos make all their game decisions around this powerful random system.

How can Bad Casinos Cheat if RNGs are Used?

As long as a quality RNG is used at a casino the organisation has no way to cheat players. The problem occurs when casinos are not making use of this device and the games aren’t actually random. There are some low quality or fake casinos that pretend to offer completely random and fair games, that actually cheat players and offer them playing conditions that aren’t random at all. It’s important that you take every precaution to avoid them and stick with the more reputable options instead. That means looking for well-regulated websites and casinos that rely on well-known software. You don’t have to go with older sites, just make sure they are well regulated and look reputable.

How Do these Devices Affect Online Poker?

If you play poker online for real money you’re relying on RNGs each and every time that you play a hand of poker. The cards shuffled and handed out to all the players are determined by that system. It determines what cards are turned up and affects the outcome of every single game. A casino that relies on a high quality RNG is trustworthy and can be counted on to provide playing conditions at least as random as what you would experience in a poker room with an experienced dealer handling multiple decks of cards. The best casinos all rely on this sophisticated tool to make random decisions no matter what games they’re hosting and letting players have access to. If you’re putting some of your Pound Sterling on the line while playing online poker, you have to make sure you play at a reputable site that’s relying on a quality RNG to make its decisions.

RNGs for online poker are interesting, but all you really have to know is that they help make sure that your gaming experience is fair and that nobody, not even the casinos, can predict which cards are coming next. Poker online with RNGs is best, so play at well-regulated casinos each and every time that you sit down for a game. That’s the only way to really enjoy the gameplay experience to its fullest.

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