Discover the Excitement of Multi-Table Play in Online Poker Rooms

Andrew Collinson

By Andrew Collinson

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Multi-Tabling Online Poker

Discover the Excitement of Multi-Table Play in Online Poker Rooms

If you’re looking for a way to generate more profit per hour while playing poker online, or you just want more action to enjoy you should consider multi-tabling. This lets you play more hands per hour and potentially earn more money over time as well. It’s not a simple practice though and something that British players have to maximize if they want to build up their pound sterling bankroll.

What is Multi-Tabling?

Multi-tabling means playing at more than one poker table at the same time. You make bets, call, raise and play hands across multiple tables simultaneously. You have to make decisions very quickly, and be able to make quick calls to be successful with this technique.

Why Bother With Multi-Tabling?

Players get involved with online poker for different reasons. Some players like the challenge of playing more than one table at a time and enjoy the fast-paced action of it. Others want the ability to bring in more profit per hour. Some just want the added experience. All of these outcomes can be achieved simply by playing multiple poker hands at once.

  • More hands per hour
  • Higher profit potential
  • Increased experience
  • Tighter Play

Can Anyone Multi-Table?

Multi-tabling effectively is typically about making as much money as possible, so if you're into online poker for the profit margins taking part in simultaneous games can be a great way to increase your bankroll faster.

However it’s not something you'll do right the very first time you try. It takes time, practice and a lot of fine-tuning to get the skill of multiple tabling just right.

Where do I Start?

The first thing you have to do is get into your online poker application and figure out how to open multiple tables. It’s likely as easy as joining a table and shrinking the window down so that you can have more than one open at a time. Once you know how to do this you can begin perfecting your strategy.

If you're a beginner to playing more than one hand at once, it can be a good idea to play freeroll or low stakes games to begin with, even if you're a seasoned poker player. That way you can get a feel for the pace without risking your bankroll too much.

Practice Makes Perfect

The main thing you can do to become a successful multi-tabler is keep at it. It might sound obvious that you have to play regularly to get good at it, but that’s really all there is to it.

Most people aren’t great at managing more than one hand at first, but with some time you’ll realise that you can handle playing at least a couple of tables together. Try it out for a few days to see if you can repeat the success you experienced at a single table. To save yourself money start with play money tables as you practice and only advance to real money after you’re winning consistently.

Set Your Table Limit

Every poker player in the UK has a different number of tables that he or she can handle effectively without slipping up. Your job is to figure out which number is the best balance between profit and enjoyment for you.

Try just two tables for the first day and track your total amount won over the time that you played. Each day increase the number of tables you feel comfortable playing at until you finally have a day where you come close to breaking even or run the risk of going negative. Now look at the average earnings per hours for each table number you played at. While this won’t give you an exact figure, it should help you gauge the amount of tables you can handle playing at.

Once you've identified your ideal table limit you can begin playing several tables seriously and try to really build up your bankroll. Your real cash supply should grow at an accelerated rate if you’re doing it right.

Multi-tabling is something that you only do at an online poker site, and it’s one of the reasons that many top British players prefer to play over the Internet. Not only is it exciting, but it can be very profitable as well.

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