How to Win at Online Poker

Zac Ormley

By Zac Ormley

Poker Expert

Win at Online Poker

Enjoy Cashing Out Real Money after Winning Big at a UK Poker Site

Becoming a consistent online poker winner isn’t as easy as it sounds. The game itself is very complex and most of the top players have been studying for years to get where they are today. That said, there are ways that you can improve your game right now, and they won’t take more than a few minutes to start relying on. Read through this list and put some of the ideas into practice and you’ll win more.

Simple Improvements You can make Today:

  • Bluff more carefully
  • Fold more often
  • Don’t get emotional
  • Stay at the right limit for you

Bluff the Right Way

Too many people rely on stone cold bluffs to try and generate income in real cash online poker games. That’s not the way to do it and is likely costing you money if you’re guilty of this poor practice. Instead you should rely on small bluffs and bluffs based on potentially great cards. Don’t try to bluff a crappy hand into winning you a huge pot because this isn’t the movies and it won’t work most of the time. Instead play carefully with your real money and bluff in a small way. Only bluff when there are two or fewer players in the hand, and win at online poker more frequently by taking small pots. You can also bluff when you have a strong draw and are trying to intimidate the other players remaining. By doing this you have the hope of getting an excellent hand, but you might scare them out of the pot even if you don’t. Bluff smarter and you’ll win more hands at an online casino.

Fold More Often

Unless you’re one of those really tight players that folds three-quarters of the hands out on the table you should probably fold more than you do and sooner into a hand than you do. Try to fold out of hands sooner into the game when you know you don’t have much and you’ll notice that the pound sterling adds up faster. Playing farther into a hand hoping to hit a lucky out isn’t a way to make money, it’s the way to give it away.

Play in a Neutral Mood

You need to be the cool-detached player that you see in the top-rated poker matches. Pretend that the real money means nothing to you and you’ll be win online poker more often. Once you get emotionally invested you’ll start playing too many hands, betting too big and making huge mistakes that cost you your stack and your bankroll eventually. If you feel yourself getting emotional, walk away from the online poker room and find something else to do until you feel better. It’s what the best players do.

Match Your Skill and Bankroll to the Right Limit

When you pick a game to play and a limit level you need to make sure you have enough cash to play there successfully. Don’t buy into a game if you have any less than 20 times the maximum buy-in as your bankroll. That means to get into the £10 max you need a £200 bankroll supporting you. This gives you money to lose a few buy ins and then build your bankroll back up, which will happen thanks to variation in the game. If you’re losing too frequently at a higher level drop down to a lower level and stay there until you begin winning consistently.

Now that you’ve read this list you should feel more confident about your game. Look through your hand history and figure out ways you can make improvements based on these ideas and then make the changes.

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